Junk In The Trunk in Chatsworth, IL

Why Junk In The Trunk? Cuz it:

  • Is a lot of fun
  • Is a great social event
  • Helps local people
  • Stimulates the economy
  • Keeps things out of the landfills
  • Helps folks clean out unwanted items & downsize
  • Gives people who can’t have a garage sales an opportunity to do so
  • Is a great place to find something special
  • Is economical as you don’t have to drive around
  • Is like going to many garage sales in one spot
  • Helps many wonderful charities


  • 4th Saturday (weather permitting) from May to October
  • Operating hours: 10am – 4pm
  • Set up time is approximately 8:30 am the day of event.
  • Location: Downtown Chatsworth on Locust St.
  • Junk In The Trunk is a garage sale out of your trunk, car, pickup, trailer, etc.
  • There is a $10 donation per parking spot to participate. Add’l spots are $10, if available as determined by event director.
  • A spot is approximately 10’ x 30’ with a 3’ walkway between vendors. This space will fit your vehicle and approximately three 6’ to 10’ tables. You bring your own tables.
  • No commercial vendors, mass-produced/bulk, imported items or clothes are allowed.
  • Antiques, crafts, artwork, household items, tools, collectibles, garage/estate sale items are encouraged.
  • Donated funds go each month to local charities.
  • All participants are responsible for their own cleanup.
  • You will be directed to park when you arrive. Later someone will come by to collect your donation.
  • All participants are at their own risk & are responsible for accidents.
  • Rain, extreme heat, threatening weather will cancel this event.
  • Remember to visit/support local businesses that support this event.
  • Do not block traffic or impede access to any businesses.
  • This event is a first-come, first serve event. No reservations.
  • Consider umbrellas, rain gear, tarps, etc. for convenience. Using weights to hold things down if or when the wind picks up is a must. You are responsible for any accidents arising from the use of these or any other equipment.

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